Strategic Vision

CBRM Council has developed a strategic vision, based on community consultation with residents and CBRM staff, that lays out the five priority areas where we believe collaboration and partnerships can build economic and social opportunities for all residents of the CBRM.

1. Economic Development

Modernize the municipality’s planning and economic development strategies to make CBRM more accessible, more inclusive, and more attractive as a place to invest and do business.

2. A CBRM Charter

Make sure our municipality has the autonomy and authority — the decision-making power — to chart our own course.

3. Development of our Harbours

Capitalize on the many opportunities for growth in our ports and harbours — in Sydney, North Sydney, Louisbourg, and Glace Bay.

4. Population Growth and Inclusivity

Work with our Regional Enterprise Network (through the Cape Breton Partnership and in particular the Local Immigration Partnership) to grow our population, ensuring newcomers feel welcome and that they can actively participate in the economic and social life of our community — and make it their community.

5. Diversifying Municipal Revenue Streams

Fine-tune the operations of the municipality so that, as we’re steering in this new direction toward a bright new future for the CBRM, we’re doing so as efficiently, responsibly, and cost-effectively as possible.

Our strategic vision is about collaborating with community organizations, strengthening our relationships with all levels of government, and finding the balance between being creative and realistic so that we can focus our collective efforts where we believe we can have the biggest impact.

Above all, our strategic vision is designed to be a living document, brought to life with the input and participation of the community, to help us achieve our vision of CBRM as an inclusive, prosperous, vibrant community that embraces culture, diversity, innovation, and — at the centre of it all — collaboration.

Mayor Amanda McDougall
March 2022

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